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Prednisolone CHEMOVET 

Prednisolone 20 mg - Tablets

Prednisolone CHEMOVET

Prednisolone 20 mg - tablets
In blister packs of PVC 250 micron and 25 micron aluminum containing 10 tablets w / one.
In box of 10, 100, 200 tablets.

Anti-inflammatory tablets to canine and feline
Use in veterinary medicine
Made in Argentina

Description: Glucocorticoid tablets for dogs and cats. Composition: Prednisolone base: 20 mg Excipients authorized. c.s. 


Action: Anti-inflammatory medication. Non-fluoride synthetic glucocorticoid with a glucocorticoid power 4 times greater than cortisol, but almost no mineralocorticoid effect. Its duration of action is intermediate 12 to 36 hours. Indications: Inflammation and Allergy (pruritus) where indicated the use of glucocorticoids. Autoimmune diseases. As an adjunct to antineoplastic therapy. Replacement therapy. 


Presentation: Blister of 10 tablets in boxes of 10 tablets (1 blister), 100 tablets (10 blister), 500 tablets (50 blister) and 1000 tablets (100 blister) tablets. 

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