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Cyclophosphamide 50 mg - Tablets



Medicine Name: Oncovet C



Cychophosphamide 50 mg - Tablets.

Package: 3 blister containing 10 pills each (30 tablets).


Chemotherapy drug to canine and feline with cancer.
Use in veterinary medicine
Made in Argentina

Description: Chemotherapy for dogs and cats. Composition: Cyclophosphamide: 50 mg  Excipients authorized. 166 mg c.s.p.


Action: Chemotherapy. The basic idea behind drugs of cancer chemotherapy is for them to reach areas of the body that are inaccessible to surgery and to kill only the cancer cells and leave alone the normal cells of the body. Cyclophosphamide is a member of the alkylating agent of chemotherapy, which act by binding DNA to other DNA strands or to protein in such a way that the DNA double helix strand cannot replicate. In addition to essentially tangling DNA up, cyclophosphamide generates a by-product that prevents normal DNA function.  


Indications: Canine treatment with cancer (carcinomas of anal sacs, bladder carcinomas, urethral carcinomas, hemangiosarcomas, lymphomas, mast cell tumor, osteosarcomas, soft tissue sarcoma), feline cancers (mammary carcinomas, hemangiosarcomas, lymphomas, plasmacytomas, chronic lymphocytic leukemia, leukemia acute myelogenous, mast cell tumor), immunomediated canine diseases (immune-mediated hemolytic anemia, immune-mediated arthritis, immune-mediated glomerulonephritis, immune-mediated meningoencephalitis, immune-mediated pemphigus and thrombocytopenia) and feline immunomediated diseases (immune-mediated hemolytic anemia and immune-mediated arthritis). It can be administered in different treatment schemes, such as induction therapy, adjuvant, neoadjuvant, maintenance and metronomic chemotherapy.


Exclusive use in Veterinary Medicine.
Sale with Archived Veterinary Prescription (Cat. II).
Its fractional sale is prohibited.
Use in Canines and Felines.
Made in Argentina
Expiration: 2 years from the moment of its elaboration.
Keep out of the reach of children and pets.
Used containers must be discarded according to current local legislation.
Store at temperatures between 15 and 30ºC


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